ComedySportz Quad Cities

ComedySportz matches feature two teams of comedians competing for points and laughs. A referee calls the fouls and keeps the match on track. You are the judge, you decide the winners! Every match is for Everyone. You will see college students, bachelorette parties, kids, grandparents, and everyone in between laughing together with ComedySportz.

Beginning in 1990, we have been making families, companies, and groups laugh every weekend for more than a quarter of a century. This makes ComedySportz the longest running show in the Q.C.

We are proud of our hilarious staff made up of well rehearsed and passionate members of the improv community.

Each show is fully improvised and you can see our core ideals of fun, innovation, collaboration, and enthusiasm from the moment you walk in the door. CSzQC is passionate about entertaining you and your guests. CSz Quad Cities is one of the 28 cities that perform ComedySportz!