ComedySportz Camp for Kids

ComedySportz Camp for Kids

Improv, Acting, Games, and perform with the pros!

July 16th - 20th
Monday through Friday
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Ages 6-13

Daily activities are focused on improv, speaking, and theatrical skills. Skills that help establish confidence, fun, collaboration, and gratitude. The camp is led by Moline High School Theatre teacher and Director Kristin Koski. Kristin is a fourteen-year member of CSz Worldwide, producers of ComedySportz. The final camp activity is to play a few games, on the field with the ComedySportz players during a regular weekend match!!!

"Kids, Earmuffs!"
Parents, real talk time. Here's a chance to send your creative expressive child or your introspective wallflower who wants to bloom to a super fun camp that gives them foundational skills for success in interpersonal relationships and effective teamwork. In addition, it's led by a credentialed instructor and a company that has entertained families for 28 years in the Quad Cities. On top of that, you get a chance to shop for groceries, take a nap, workout, go to lunch with a you did when they were in school. It's Christmas in July. You're welcome.

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