Guys In Ties

October 6th, 2017

Guys in Ties is once again tying a double windsor and preparing for an always busy holiday season. What's the possibility that your holiday party or end of the year celebration can be even better than last year's? The possibility is very good with Guys In Ties.

Performing more than 120 shows a year for the last fifteen years, we excel at creating interactive and unique comedy shows that are personalized to your guests. We would perform a series of improvisational games that involve audience suggestions, participation, and from time to time volunteers. Our performances are rated E for everyone and do not have any vulgarity or off-color jokes. This helps to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, you don't receive any unwanted emails the next morning, and we really have to truly be funny! The show has never been performed exactly as you will see it, and it will never be done again exactly as you helped make it happen. Our style of humor is quick witted, we utilize joke telling, story telling, slapstick, and music.

The show is performed by three professional comedians and typically lasts one hour. We have minimal performance requirements, we need to be seen and heard, and we can work with you to make that happen at the least amount of stress to you as possible. Guys In Ties are passionate about entertaining and being easy to work with.

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